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Art & Design

The Art Department: Ms Collie, Miss Wallace, Miss Kelly, Mrs Brammah

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SQA Information

Link to SQA site for Nat 3, Nat 4, Nat 5 and Higher Art & Design past papers and guidelines Web icon 

Link to SQA site for Advanced Higher Art & Design (Design) and Advanced Higher Art & Design (Expressive) past papers and guidelines Web icon

Link to SQA site for Higher Photography past papers and guidelines Web icon

Why should you choose this course?

Art and Design enriches every aspect of your life.  Through Art and Design you can express yourself; your moods, feelings and ideas, visually.  You can work out solutions and become a more pro-active person.  Art and Design teaches skills that go beyond its subject area, such as creative problem solving and an understanding of the visual world.  It helps to foster self-motivation; in that pupils must lead the projects from start to end.  Pupils have choice in all decisions that are made from what Designer they write about to whether their work is fantasy or based on local issues. It truly allows students freedom of expression in most areas; offering them a unique opportunity.

What skills will you learn?

The course will develop your skills in thinking creatively and problem solving.  You will gain skills in: Observing, Recording, Developing Ideas, using expressively a variety of Media (paint, pencil, pastels, clay, fabric, Photography, Photoshop, recycled material).  Students will be required to choose the areas of Design and Expressive they wish to work in which means that they have responsibility in driving their projects forward, decision making and time management.

What topics will you study?

There is a huge amount of pupil choice in this subject.  Students must pick an Area of Design that they prefer.  They can choose from: Fashion, Textiles, Graphics, Product, and Architecture (only available for those who want to train as an architect).  In the Expressive element of the course; students also have autonomy over what they paint/sculpt/photograph/make, as well as ownership over themes (subject matter).  Students also study Artists and Designers whose work they are inspired by. 

Art and Design is available at N4, N5, Higher and Advanced Higher (Expressive or Design).

hat careers are available?

Careers directly related to Art and Design are: Painter, Sculptor, Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Jewellery Designer, Architect, Film Maker, Set/Theatre Designer, Photographer, Fashion/Textile Designer, Animator, Illustrator, Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, Marketing, Stylist, Make-up Artist, Art Director, Window Dresser, Gallery Curator, Web Designer, Printmaker, Art Therapist, Computer Gaming, Art teacher. 

Other occupations in which Art and Design is particularly “useful” are; Engineering, Nursery and Primary Teaching, Beautician, Hairdresser, Joiner, Decorator, Media and PR. Relations.