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  • School finishes on Friday 29th June at 12.15
  • Wishing all members of our school community a relaxing summer break
  • School resumes for pupils on Wed 15th August at 08.45
  • Mon 13th & Tues 14th August are In-service training days for staff


Junior and Senior Pupils will learn the following skills in Chemistry.

  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding by making statements, describing, explaining and integrating knowledge.
  • Applying knowledge of chemistry to new situations, interpreting information and solving problems.
  • Planning and designing experiments/investigations to test given hypotheses or to illustrate particular effects.
  • Carrying out experimental procedures safely, recording observations and collecting data.
  • Selecting and presenting information appropriately in various forms.
  • Processing information (using calculations and units, where appropriate).
  • Making predictions and generalisations based on evidence/information.
  • Drawing valid conclusions and giving explanations supported by evidence/justification.
  • Identifying a source of error and suggesting improvements to experiments/investigations.
  • Communicating findings/information accurately.

SQA Information

Link to SQA site for Nat 3, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Chemistry for past papers and guidelines Web icon


Junior Pupils will study the following topics.

Chemical Changes and Structure: 

Atomic Structure – the building blocks of everything!
Chemical bonding – Learn what holds particles together.
Properties of materials – investigate why substances behave the way they do.


Natures Chemistry:

Fossil Fuels and renewable energy.

Hydrocarbons – What are our fuels made up of?
The Carbon Cycle.
Pollution – Are we poisoning the planet and what is the alternative?

Earth’s crust – Learn what is in the ground.


Chemistry In Society:

Metals - React different metals and find out which is most dangerous.
Electrochemical cells – build your own battery.
Corrosion – what causes your bike chain to rust and how can we stop it?


Note: Assessment will be based on work carried out throughout the course, including experimental skills.

Senior Pupils will study the following topics.

National 4/5                                       Higher                                                 Advanced Higher
Chemical Changes and Structure       Chemical Changes and Structure       Inorganic and Physical Chemistry       Nature’s Chemistry                             Nature’s Chemistry                              Organic Chemistry
Researching Chemistry                       Chemistry in Society                            Instrumental Analysis
                                                             Researching Chemistry                       Researching Chemistry                                                                                                                                                  

What careers are available?

Education / Finance
Forensics / Health and Safety
Industry / Laboratory Work
Law / Consultancy
Media / Sales and Marketing icon