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Columba 1400 Leadership Academy

Current Columba 14oo group members are-                                                                      Jennifer Thorpe, Neve Stewart, John Huskie, Gregor Soutar, Beth Thomson, Grady Ireland and Billi Detheridge

New Columba 1400 group are- Deborah Sloan, Michael Allan, Murray Hezseltine, Claire McEwen, Michael Suttie, Campbell Stewart, Abbie McBride, Abby Sweeney, Holly Turner, Jamie Elliot, Hollie Stewart, Kevin Spratley, Jack Cameron, Charlie Lamont, Caitlin Scott and  Lauren Hunter.   

See below for the detail of the Columba 1400 programme and click on the link for further information: Web icon

Columba 1400: enabling young people and the key adults in their lives to discover their true potential.

Columba 1400 is an award winning social enterprise and charity.

Our purpose is simple: to help young people realise that they already have the inner greatness and confidence to transform their own lives and those around them.

We are committed to our founding principles of the warmth of welcome, of hospitality and the sense of being on a shared journey.

Our values based approach provides young people, their parents or carers, teachers and support workers to come together through a range of activities, which take place in their home community and through a residential at our purpose built Leadership centres in Staffin on the Isle of Skye and at Ardoch, on the banks of Loch Lomond.

  Our Leadership Academy for Young People is designed to give young people the strength and courage to find their own unique voice and purpose – and to use that voice to inspire families and communities on return.

Our Leadership Academy for Head Teachers enables them to shape educational change and transform the culture of their schools and learning communities.

Our Leadership Academy for Parents and Carers provides the space for parents to discover all that they are capable of achieving and becoming which allows them to develop their confidence and resilience in themselves which has a positive impact in the life of their families and communities.

Our Leadership Academy for Families brings together the young person with their parent or carer to help them connect to what it is that is important to them and to help them overcome challenges that have prevented good relationships enabling them to make positive changes.

Columba 1400 has provided a turning point in the lives of more than 7,000 young people and the key adults in their lives who have participated in our Leadership Academies since 2000.