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Why choose this subject?

Music enriches every aspect of your life. As a vibrant department we will offer you every opportunity to express you inner musical self. Music has the unique ability to offer excitement and calm, joy and sorrow, intensity and relaxation.  Ask yourself; “What would life be like without music?”

SQA Information

 Link to SQA site for Nat 3, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Music past papers and guidelines Web icon

What skills will you learn?

The course will allow you to build skills in composing, performing, listening and analysing music from a variety of sources and in a variety of styles. It will also provide you with skills required for working independently (solo); and in groups of various sizes, expressing your ideas and developing your musical self confidence in the wider world. Through this creative experience the aim is to enrich your life, provide enjoyment, and contribute to your intellectual, emotional, social and cultural development through audio media.


What topics will you study?

Every pupil will perform music on two instruments of their own choice. This can include voice.

The course comprises:

Performing - develop your skills as a soloist and/or in a group/band.
You will perform a variety of styles and genres; e.g., traditional, rock, pop.

Composing - you will create your own music/compositions in a range of genres applying new techniques/skills that you learn. 

Technology - you will use multi track software, sequel, and learn how to design sound and record live performance.

Listening - Listen to and appreciate a variety of genres including; jazz and blues, pop, film music and contemporary. You will apply this understanding in your own practical work.

Within the course you will experience a variety of music from: Medieval to Modern times; covering various genre including Blues, Jazz, Rock and Pop; as well as Traditional Scottish idioms and World Music, across course components - Composing, Performing and Listening.  Music is available at N4 level, N5, Higher and Advanced Higher

What careers are available?

The course will provide you with experiences and knowledge which can contribute to careers in music, music technology, media and the performing arts.

The Music Industry is arguably the largest single employer in the world! Session Musicians, Orchestral Musicians, Singers, Music Theatre, Choristers, Composers, Music Technologists, Recording and Sound Engineers, Foley Artists, Music Classroom Teachers, Primary Teacher, Music Therapists, Child Care, Instrumental teachers / Instructors, Music Lecturers, Music Editors, Broadcasting, Media, Producers.