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  • Wednesday lunchtime drop in at The Glen (left before PE)
  • Christmas Lunch Wednesday 12th Dec
  • S1-3 Christmas Party Mon 17th Dec 6pm-9pm S4-6 Winter Formal Thursday 20th Dec 7pm-9pm
  • NHS CAMHS session for parents/carers on looking after you own wellbeing Mon 10th Dec 3pm-4pm


Junior and Senior Pupils will learn the following skills in Physics.

  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding by making statements, describing, explaining and integrating knowledge.
  • Applying knowledge of physics to new situations, interpreting information and solving problems.
  • Planning, designing and safely carrying out experiments/investigations to test given hypotheses or to illustrate particular effects.
  • Carrying out experimental procedures safely, recording observations and collecting data.
  • Selecting and presenting information appropriately in various forms.
  • Processing information (using calculations and units, where appropriate).
  • Making predictions based on evidence/information.
  • Drawing valid conclusions and giving explanations supported by evidence/justification.
  • Suggesting improvements to experiments/investigations and communicating findings/information.
  • Communicating findings/information accurately.

SQA Information

Link to SQA site for Nat 3, Nat 4, Nat 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Physics past papers and guidelines Web icon


Junior Pupils will study the following topics.

Dynamics and Space:

Space research, observation and exploration.

The Physics of sport and movement.


Energy Sources for the future - risks vs benefits.

Physics beyond the visible, from X-rays to mobile phones. Electromagnets - build an electromagnet and a motor. Find out why Archimedes cried "Eureka!”


Sound engineering - how to manipulate sounds and make an mp3.

Smart materials - looking at cutting edge materials. Electric circuits and electronics - build your own circuits to solve everyday problems.


Note: Assessment will be based on work carried out throughout the course, including experimental skills.

Senior Pupils will study the following topics.
National 4/5                                       Higher                                                 Advanced Higher
Electricity and Energy                         Our Dynamic Universe                        Rotational Motion and
Astrophysics                                        Particles and Waves                            Quarta and Waves
Waves and Radiation                          Electricity                                             Electromagnetism
Dynamics and Space                          Researching Physics                            Physics Investigation


What careers are available?

Space / Medicine / Law / Finance / Music and Television
Communication / Environment
Architecture & Civil Engineering / Transport
Sports and Games / Energy / Education Web icon