Glenrothes High School

Care & Welfare and Child Protection Summary

At Glenrothes High School the Child Protection Coordinators are:

Mrs. Alison Massie-Grimes – Depute Rector

Mrs. Arline Little – PT Guidance

At all times we keep the child’s best interests at the centre of any required actions or planning, and in almost all cases liaise closely with family.

Staff know to alert the Child Protection Coordinators immediately should they have a Child Protection Concern.

When the Child Protection Coordinators are made aware of a concern we do the following in most instances.

  1.  Interview the young person.  This is usually our first step.  The interview is conducted sensitively to the young person, making it clear that any information they share is confidential unless they or someone they know is in danger.

We take the young person’s views into consideration in planning next steps and include them in any subsequent planning to keep them safe.  If we have to share information with other agencies we will discuss this with the young person wherever possible.

The pupil is offered a quiet, safe environment if the young person is upset.

  1. Contact the pupil’s family.  In almost all situations we include the young person’s family early in order to support the young person.  In most instances a family member comes to school to support the young person if they are distressed.

  2. Consider appropriate action & update appropriate agencies (Health Team etc).  The young person’s Named Person is usually informed at this point and we look at appropriate supports for the young person and their family.  This is done in conjunction with the young person and family.

Any safety planning will include the young person’s opinions and is monitored closely.

  1. Record the concern.  We record the concern securely including the action we take and any monitoring required.  The record is kept securely with access limited to the Child Protection Coordinators and the young person’s named person.

  2. Plan and monitor over time. The young person’s Named Person will keep in close contact with the young person and manage any supports they require over time.  The young person’s Named Person will in almost all instances stay in close contact with the young person’s family and plan jointly with them to identify supports.

  3. In the event of a young person being in immediate danger, we immediately contact the Public Protection Unit to liaise with Police and Social Work

cw and cp policy ghs august 2023 update.pdf


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