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Department of Additional Support

 Our department context:

Glenrothes High School (GHS) DAS - Structure

                                               49 pupils with a wide range of needs

                                                9 teachers – 1 PTC; 1 PT2; 7 class teachers

                                                16.5 Pupils support assistants

                                                We support PSA student placements within the department.

The pupils are in 7 classes based on age, peer group and need. Each DAS class has its own class team headed by the class teacher. Each pupil has their own individualised timetable. The timetable identifies – mainstream classes, small group classes and time in the department. In the department we deliver literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and support mainstream class work and homework. Everything is differentiated to meet individual needs. DAS teachers also deliver discrete subjects like drama, science, PE, sexual health and relationships, horticulture, Natural Connections, enterprise, Youth Achievement Awards and Personal Achievements Awards throughout the department.

We enjoy an open door policy and work closely with parents/carers and our many partner agencies

In 2015-16 we introduced individualised PSE targets which we shared with parents. This year we are introducing ‘individualised pupil planning folders’ targeting literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing.

Some of our classes use Pupil Support Services small flat where we are able to offer real life practical life skills experiences.

Our senior class runs a weekly café as an enterprise. The cafe is open to GHS staff, DAS pupils, parents, John Fergus and local primary schools that have P7 pupils transitioning into our DAS. Throughout the year we run various enterprises, the main one being our ‘DAS Christmas Fayre’ which involves all DAS pupils, staff and parents.  

The DAS is child centred while supporting the pupils’ independence and confidence as well as promoting their life skills.

In October we start with S1 settling in ISP/CSP reviews then we continue through the department. At the reviews focus on the Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible Included headings but we also review transition plans, healthcare plans, moving and handling assessments, and risk assessments where appropriate.

We operate an open door policy. Parents and carers are encouraged to write, phone, email, or visit if they have any concerns and we work closely with a wide variety of agencies.

The Curriculum-

  • S1 – PSE all about me; CfE early – level 2
  • S1 - S3 – core curriculum – numeracy, literacy, health and wellbeing. CfE early – level 2
  • S4 - S6 – Nat 1- Nat 3 literacy and numeracy; supporting pupils Nat 4 & 5
  • Experiential Science delivered to life skills groups
  • National Connections – seniors S4 - S6
  • Drama – S1 - S6
  • PE – S1 – S6
  • PSE including Relationships, sexual health and parenthood education – S1-S6
  • SQA Nat 1 & 2 Personal Achievement Awards – life skills groups
  • Youth Achievement Awards (dynamic award) – S5 & 6

There is a positive ethos in the department with the pupil in the centre. We celebrate our achievements and enjoy positive relationships with pupils, parents/carers, the extended family and the community.




DSF Sports Championships

On Wednesday 12th June, 9 young people from the Department of Additional Support attended the DSF Sports Championships.  The day was cold and windy but that did not put these pupils off.  They flung themselves into the events and the medals came rolling in for Glenrothes High School!

On the track Matthew Robson gained gold in the 100m, with Charlieann Brown, Evie Page and Christopher Trowell winning silver medals in the 50m where Stephanie Kierszten and Mhairi Urquhart also achieved bronze.

Next came the throwing events.  Soft ball golds were awarded to Jamie Purvis, Evie and Christopher with silvers going to Charlieann and Leon Duffy.  Stephanie gained another bronze medal.  The shot putt was yet another success story with gold medals for Jamie and Leon, and a silver for Evie.

They can run, they can throw but they can also jump.  Standing Long Jump golds went to Charlieann and Christopher with silvers to Stephanie and Gregor Arbuckle.

The pupils were a real credit to themselves and the school, showing great sportsmanship throughout the day.  Well done all!


6 senior DAS pupils: Sean Barnes, Ciaran Logan, Nathan Mackie, Evie Page, Mairi Urquhart and Becky Wilson have recently completed their Bronze Youth Achievement Award.  This is a huge achievement for the young people and is equivalent to a Nat 4 unit.  The challenges completed were based on Enterprise, DAS Café, Health & Fitness and Yoga, so they were very varied and involved learning a considerable number of new skills.

Well done everyone.  The comments back from YAA verification stated that their portoflios were amazing and exhibited brilliant creativity – what more could we ask of our pupils?