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Dhakadakshin High School Bangladesh

Bangladesh Schools Links 

Glenrothes High School has taken yet another step in forming a strong and lasting link with Dhakadakshin High School and Barokut Primary School in Bangladesh. Ms Afifa Khanam (Principal Teacher) took part in a visit to Dhakadakshin High School in July/August 2017 to  observe lessons and learning in the Bangladesh education system. She has also been involved with the Award ceremonies for best results in the areas for SSC exams and Sports.  GHS has donated £500 to Dhakadakshin High School to buy a projector and some resources to improve their learning and teaching. 

Ms Khanam also spent a few days in Barokut Primary school and taught and observed some classes.  Under the guidance of Ms Karen Crosbie,  GHS pupils helped to raise £350 for school resources. From this, we bought a lunch box for every child in the primary school and they were delighted with their gifts.  Thank you, also, to parents and to the staff who contributed by donating their staff Christmas card money to the fund.

Stronger links are to be created between the three schools and a couple of long term projects will be set up again. Finally we have plans in the future to take pupils to visit Bangladesh schools to learn about and from the cultures and build enriching relationships between the three schools.