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Why should you choose this subject?

The skills you learn in English will not only help you in all your other subjects, but throughout your life.

Whatever other subjects you choose, good literacy skills will be required if you are to be successful in learning and in many assessments. Colleges, universities and employers prefer those who have demonstrated a high standard of literacy.

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What skills will you learn?
You will develop the four key Literacy skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking in a variety of different contexts.

Reading: you will learn how to analyse texts both fiction and non-fiction.

Writing: you will learn to write in a variety of different styles, reflectively, imaginatively and functionally.

Talking and Listening: you will learn how to present a talk to an audience and how to discuss in a group. 

Literacy: you will continue to improve your core literacy skills.

What topics will you study?
The course will consist of eight units, with an assignment to be completed for each unit.

The units are Creative Writing, Drama, Film, Life Stories, Print Media, The Art of Persuasion, Poetry and Short Stories. 

You will have opportunities to explore Scottish texts, poetry, drama, novels, and films, as well as creating your own texts in a variety of formats. 

You will be expected to work with others and independently, in order to express and develop your own views on a wide range of topics.

What careers are available?
A good standard of literacy is needed for virtually any job. Your Talking skills will even help you prepare for interviews.

Excellence in English could lead you to a career in advertising, journalism, teaching, publishing, sales, computer game design, law, screenwriting, and many more.