Glenrothes High School

National Progression Awards (Business)

What are National Progression Awards (NPA's)?

National Progression Awards (NPAs) are available in a variety of sectors, from Construction and Childcare to areas such as Digital Literacy and Social Software.

They're aimed at assessing a defined set of skills and knowledge in specialist vocational areas. They also link to National Occupational Standards, which are the basis of SVQs.

NPAs are at SCQF Levels 2-6 and are delivered in partnership between schools, colleges and employers.

An example of an NPA is PC Passport (SCQF Levels 4-6). This offers a suite of vocational IT qualifications available from beginner to advanced level (focusing on industry-standard software and skills).

We currently offer the following National Progression Awards and levels:


SCQF Level 4 - Administrative Activities (NPA)

SCQF Level 5 - Administration: Information Technology & Audio (NPA)

SCQF Level 5 - Administration: Office Skills and Services (NPA)


SCQF Level 4 - Business and Marketing (NPA)

SCQF Level 5 - Business and Marketing (NPA)

SCQF Level 5 - Business with IT (NPA)

SCQF Level 6 - Business with IT (NPA)

SCQF Level 6 - Business Skills (NPA)


SCQF Level 3 - Employability Award

SCQF Level 4 - Employability Award

SCQF Level 5 - Preparation for Employment Award


SCQF Level 5 - Leadership Award

SCQF Level 6 - Leadership Award