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Aspiring to Excellence and Improving Life Chances for All
Life at Glenrothes High School Life at Glenrothes High School Life at Glenrothes High School Life at Glenrothes High School Life at Glenrothes High School Life at Glenrothes High School Life at Glenrothes High School

GHS Staff 2021 - 2022

Senior Leadership Team

Rector Avril McNeill
Depute Rector (Integrated Support) Angela Robertson
Depute Rector (Year Head S1, S3, S5) David Welsh
Depute Rector (Year Head S2, S4, S6) Debbie Wishart (Acting)
Business Manager Scott Paberzs

English, Languages & Literacy

English Grant Rintoul - PTC Literacy & Languages
English Fiona Swift
English Louise Shumway - PT Languages & Literacy
English Jenifer Thorpe
English Tracy Darmudas - PT Guidance
English Deborah Sloan
English Alison Low
English Graeme Keir - PT Literacy
Modern Languages Helene McGregor
Modern Languages Laura Trewartha
Modern Languages Catriona Forbes
Health and Wellbeing & Expressive Arts

Physical Education Daryl Leonard - PTC HWB & Expressive Arts
Physical Education Lucy Harley - PT Guidance
Physical Education Kenneth Findlay - PT Guidance
Physical Education Dominic Martin - PT Guidance
Physical Education Ross Donaldson
Home Economics Audrey Grieve - PT Home Economics
Home Economics Colette Zaidan
Home Economics Kirsty Leonard
Home Economics Sally Fletcher
Art & Design Emma Kelly
Art & Design Kirstin Brammah
Music Katherine Hyndman - PT Expressive Arts (Acting)
Music Laurie Connal

Mathematics Caroline Cluckie - Principal Teacher Curriculum
Mathematics Michael Allan
Mathematics Audrey MacMillan
Mathematics Catherine Blundell 
Mathematics Serena Ashforth

Physics Findlay Rush - PTC Sciences
Physics Christopher Davie
Physics Stacey Bradshaw
Chemistry Andy Gray - PT Science
Chemistry Pauline Wilson 
Chemistry Arline Little - PT Guidance
Biology Cerys Watt
Biology Claire McEwen
Biology Shona Birrell
Biology Geraldine Woods
Social Subjects

Geography Scott Dudley - PTC Social Subjects
History/Modern Studies Ashley Stewart
Modern Studies Lynsey Goody
History/Modern Studies Stuart Forsyth
History Jo Webster
RMPS Kirsty Smith
Geography Gillian Wallace - PT Social Subjects
History Darren Thomson (Supply)
  Carol-Anne Brown
Technologies & Business Enterprise

Craft, Design & Technology Stuart McLeay - PTC Technologies
Craft, Design & Technology Duncan Hewitt
Craft, Design & Technology Andrew Sealey
Computing Science Stewart Turnbull - PT Computing
Computing Science Murray Hezseltine
Business Education Peter Haggerty - PT Excellence & Equity
Business Education Hamish Ferguson
Integrated Support

Integrated Support David Austin - PTC Integrated Support
Support for Learning - Room 12 Craig Thomson - PT Targeted Support
Support for Learning - Room 11 Dorothy Drylie (Supply)
Support for Learning - Room 11 Shirras Moir
Support for Learning - The Glen Sandra Smith
Department of Additional Support Natalie Gray - PT DAS
Department of Additional Support Alistair Terris
Department of Additional Support Elizabeth Feneck-Dunn
Department of Additional Support Karen Young
Department of Additional Support Gordon MacDougall
Department of Additional Support Stuart Blyth
Department of Additional Support Barbara McGarrity
Admin, Clerical, Technicians and Library

Acting Admin Co-ordinator Elaine Inglis
Admin Assistant Linda Walker
Acting Admin Assistant / Clerical Officer Laurann Smith
Acting Admin Assistant / Clerical Officer Susan Watt
Clerical Officer Patricia Guy
Clerical Assistant Kim Toshack
Clerical Assistant Rachel Cunningham
Senior Technician Sonja Cairns
Technician Emma Reid
Technician Garry Smart
Library & Learning Assistant Val Grehan & Louise McLean (Temp)
Support for Learning - Mainstream PSA's

Pupil Support Assistant L2 Patricia Mercer
Pupil Support Assistant L2 Angela Clark
Pupil Support Assistant L3 - PEF Lynn Watters
Pupil Support Assistant L3 Caroline Galloway
Pupil Support Assistant L3 George Cook
Pupil Support Assistant L2 Pamela Stewart
Pupil Support Assistant L2 Maureen Horsburgh
Pupil Support Assistant L2 Sarah Scobie
Pupil Support Assistant L2 Carolyne Walker
Pupil Support Assistant L2 Karisha Brown
Pupil Support Assistant L2 Pamela O'Connor
Pupil Support Assistant L2 Callum Edmonston
Pupil Support Assistant L3 Brenda Halley
Pupil Support Assistant L3 Adrianne Robertson
Pupil Support Assistant L3 Joanna West
Pupil Support Assistant L3 Lorna Robertson
Pupil Support Assistant L3 Lesley Pirrie
Pupil Support Assistant L3 Pamela Soutar